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Nothing happens until I move the cursor

Typing does not show on screen until moving the cursor, same with scrolling and opening and closing apps. Runs beautifully in safe mode. Hardware test shows nothing wrong. My first Mac and stumped on what's wrong. I've formatted and reinstaled the latest Mac update. And reset smc and pram or whatever it was that Apple chat support told me to do. Really don't want to take it to Apple as they are expensive. Since it runs fine in safe mode I think it's something in the software but not sure how to find out what

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I get this when trying to use the internet recovery


@toyotajeff Ah yes. The excessively vague Apple support error. I have not ever found a publicly accessible resource for what these error codes mean. Even as an AASP tech I generally had to get the right person on the other end of a support chat to get a direct answer.

But *most* of the time, these can be resolved by physically connecting the device to the internet with a cable, rather than using WiFi. Internet recovery environments are sensitive to this sort of thing and frequently time out if loading the environment takes to long, or the connection is shoddy.


Don't know why I'm right next to the router and I have 800 mbps speed on the 5g band


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This sounds very much like software if it is not occurring in Safe Mode. Could still be hardware since Safe Mode also removes certain things that make the OS more visually appealing (but more resource heavy). But it wouldn't be my first thought.

When you formatted and reinstalled the OS, did you restore from a backup? If so, the backup could have reintroduced whatever was causing the issue. If you reinstalled the OS clean, and no extra software or anything and the issue still occurs, I would lean into hardware, unless it showed up after an update.

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I'm not sure. How do you install a clean copy of Mac os? I did it through recovery can't remember if it was from a backup copy

Also the hardware test when holding D I think it was doesn't show anything wrong after the test is done. What are the steps to completely wipe the hard drive clean and install a new copy of Mac os?


@toyotajeff I apologize for the miscommunication. If you did it from recovery mode and formatted the drive then that's sounds correct.

I was more wondering if you restored any personal data, or settings from a time machine or other backup when you set the device back up again.

I will also mention Apple's diagnostic test is very rudimentary. It checks for blaringly obvious errors. If it reports a failure. Great. But if it passes. I don't trust that for beans. Many of the tests are meant to be speedy and only check for presence, not functionality.


I didn't restore from anything as this is my first apple product. The person I bought it from said it just started happening one day after a update to ventura. What do you think the problem would be? Do you know how much repairs from Apple average? Really don't want to take it and spend more then what I paid for it $300. Or does apple have remote techs that can get in and control it to diagnose maybe software remotely? I know I've had that done to my windows laptop


@toyotajeff If it happened after the upgrade to Ventura it's possible that it's running into some weird bug since Ventura hasn't been out that long and they're only on the first minor revision after the initial launch. I would try to downgrade to Monterey, or any other version of the OS your Mac supports.

You'll have to reformat the disk again, but you can user either a bootable USB installer or internet recovery to reinstall. Rather than thhe typical CMD + R to get into recovery mode use CMD +Opt +Shift + R. It will likely prompt you to install either Catalina or Mojave.


Thanks, I'll have to try that next


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