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A portable Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears.

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Boom 3 - downgrade so no more ed sheeran

The Boom 3 i got off bakkmarket turns out to be a demo dud. There are two things i want to get rid of --

1) Ed Sheeran plays a full volume "shape of you" when i hit the big circle. The speaker goes: "welcome!! etc etc to your new boom 3..."

2) It turns off after 20 minutes

I tried the solution at: Megaboom 3 cannot downgrade demo mode firmware (v31.0.11)

It didn't fix these problems. When i run the application it just tells me my boom 3 is at the latest version


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Natanel Ervin well, it's really not a dud. Sounds to me like you purchased something that nobody in the public should even have. Demo models don't get sold. The seller was most likely (or is socialising with) not the most honest person.

Updates etc, will most likely not work since that firmware is not updateable. The only way to get this to work is by installing new firmware which would require a reprograming of the IC's.

Long live Ed Sheeran ;-)

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