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The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Help me identify Mystery Part

I found this mysterious part laying under the control panel on my Kenmore coin operated washer model number 110.27272600. The about an inch and half long. Please help identify what it is.

Block Image

Block Image

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When you say "....under the control panel..." do you mean that you removed the console panel and found it there or was it lying under the coin box?

Are you sure that it belongs in this washer?

Here's the parts list for the washer and it doesn't appear to be in there as a separate part, unless it has broken off another part that is.

Is the washer still working OK?

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Yes, just found it laying there, under the control panel, not coin box.

The part was found when I went in to remove a clog at the drain pump, washer is working now. Just can't figure out if this fell out of one of the controls, timer, maybe lid lock.


Thank you for posting such a clear copy of the parts diagram!


@Rizwan Hussain

Looking at the parts list, the timer is in the coin box. (see p.5 part #12)

I looked online at images of the lid lock, lock strike and a few other parts by searching for their part numbers but nothing looked like what you posted


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