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Popular clothes dryer series by Kenmore.

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Help! What year is this dryer?

Bought used,stated its a 2018. Model# 110.70022011 ser# M24724929 I've tried & tried and cannot figure it out. Thanks a million !

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Hi @suzee

This link shows that based on the serial number, it is most probably 2012.

Here's an image of the result using the info you supplied.

Block Image

(click on image)

I've also included the contact numbers for Sears at the bottom of the image, as they retail Kenmore brand products, if you want to contact them and ask them. (The Kenmore brand are rebadged appliances, made to order for Sears, by other manufacturers e.g. Whirlpool, LG etc. All the parts in your model are made by Whirlpool)

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