Rear buttons not working / hard to press

This isnt really a question but something I was able to figure out myself so wanted to post incase anyone else has the issue.
After using the back paddles for Rocket League for an extended period of time the button on the back of the controller I was using for boost became hard to press or would not work sometimes.
I found that the plastic that the screw holding the PCB for the underside buttons on that side had cracked and so the PCB was moving when I tried to press the button, making it mushy and sometimes no button press would be detected.
Luckily the plastic which the screw mounted to was still there and I have been able to glue it back together to re-mount the PCB to and fix my issue.
I also noticed the plastic for the screw on the other side was also cracked so put some glue on that side too.
Might be worth a check for anyone else with this issue.

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