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iPhone XS going off

I try Good day, trust you re good . Please I recently changed my IPhone XS battery and phone screen. I changed the battery because it was on service and it was swollen, also changed the screen because it was cracked. I notice after the replacement, my phone keep going off, it only comes on and work properly when the screen is not screwed to the phone. The moment I try putting the screen properly to the phone by screwing it then my phone goes off, it only comes on again when I detach the screen from the phone . Please what could be wrong

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Hi Abdulkareem, it sounds like something isn't seated properly and is being bent/pulled out of place when the pressure of the screen is put on the innards of your phone.

I'd recommend to check all of your connectors to make sure everything is snapped shut, seated straight, and not loose. You can use this guide to double check all connections.

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