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The Sony Betamovie with model number BMC - 220 was released in 1984. The camera is part of the second generation of the Betamovie line and was one of the first camcorders marketed to average consumers.

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What kind of battery is used?

I just bought a beta movie BMC-220 and it didn’t come with a battery. I don’t know much about batteries, but with some research, the closest answer I’ve gotten is a NP-11 battery. That’s a rechargeable battery and I’ve seen lots of NP-22 and -55, but not very many -11s. Are they interchangeable? And do they all recharge from the same charger? Do all rechargeable batteries recharge with the same charger? What is the rechargeable battery/charger ratio? Is the NP-11 even the right battery for a BMC-220? I know this is a lot of questions, but let me know if you can answer any of them. Thank you!

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Sheridan Richmond darn I remember having paid a fortune when they first came out. It was like a month pay :-)) Great guide right here. Anyhow, the BMC-220 uses a AC-M110 AC adapter/charging unit and the NP-11 as batteries. The NP-11 was a Nickel-Cadmium 9.6V 1000mAh battery. I don't see to many NP-11 out there but they can be rebuild. If you are into vintage electronic, might as well get used to doing that as well. Check on here for a rebuild. Of course you can always try and adapt a "modern" RC battery to that. Lots of them out there with proper chargers and all but you may have to modify the power adapter on the Betamovie.

Anyhow if you get stuck with anything or need more input, post some good pictures of what's going on with your camera and power supply, with your QUESTION. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

NP-22 and -55, but not very many -11s. Are they interchangeable?


And do they all recharge from the same charger?


Due to the difference in physical and electrical dimensions the charger must suit the battery.

Do all rechargeable batteries recharge with the same charger?

No. Same reason as before.

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2 - 5 minutes

Immagine Sony Betamovie BMC-220 Battery


Sony Betamovie BMC-220 Battery Replacement



3 minutes

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Thank you so much for this answer! This information has helped so much, you have no idea.

I have a follow-up question. I am curious about the AC-M110 AC adapter/charging unit. Is that adapter a charger for the camera itself? Or for the battery? If the adapter charges the camera and not the battery, does the Betamovie need a battery if it has the adapter? What are the relationships between the adapter, camera, and battery?


@Sheridan Richmond that is the adapter that charges your battery and can provide power to the camera. It will not charge the camera (nothing there to be charged other than the battery) but it will provide power to the camera for as long as it is plugged in. Hope this make sense.


Yes, that does make sense, thank you! I'm literally so grateful, I appreciate it so much.


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I have this issue with almost every old camera I'm asked to use. I have found a helpful work around that doesn't cost the earth AND is easy to do.

the easiest way that I have found to sub in batteries for old tech is by ripping out the old cells and replacing with a modern eqivalent. The Sony beta cam power cell NP-11 outputs 9.6v at a draw of 6.2w; So, a RC battery that you can get from Amazon for 20 bucks or so would fit the bill.

Crack open the power pack caeefully remove the old cells, solder a male jack to the battery header on the inside - drop in your new powercell connect the jacks and tape the battery enclosure closed. Pop it in the camera.

Just don't use the old charger to charge it!

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