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Second version of the Beats pill. Sold by Apple in California. Released in 2013. Model number: BO513.

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Whats the use of flex cable

Hi good day may i ask whats the use of flex cable attached to mother board of beats pill 2.0 since i accidentally pull it and break it when i try to replace the battery.

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Are you talking about the black one that is connected to both sides of the device ,if it is I believe that is a speaker cable and you most likely won’t get any sons if that’s the case

If it’s a different one use this amazing guide to upload some photos

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Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hi thanks for the reply. I am talking about the nfc flex cable that was stick underneath the battery. Will it still work even if its break already



It might work

The only things I could see not working is the NFC pairing and possibly Bluetooth

I would reassemble it and see what’s happening ,also try Bluetooth and a aux cable

If it doesn’t work here’s a link to a replacement part


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