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The Skullcandy Air Raid is a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker released November 15th, 2013 which streams music from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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The device will only work whole plugged in

Not sure but the device only works whole plugged it n. Do you think it's the battery

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Hi @atxaro

Definitely sounds like a battery problem.

Here's the ifixit Skullcandy Air Raid Battery Replacement guide that will help.

Regarding the battery I'm not quite sure about the type of battery but I found this link which said that the battery came out of a Skullcandy Air Raid speaker.

The information on the battery will help you to find a replacement. It showed that it is a 553450-2P 3.7V 2000mAH LiPo battery.-Important make sure that you check the battery in your model to see what information is on it before ordering.

The 553450 is the dimensions of the battery in mm. The convention with these batteries is that first 2 digits are the depth with a decimal between the digits that is not shown, the next 2 digits are the width and the last 2 are the length. This translates to be a 5.5mm D x 34mm W x 50mm L battery.

The 3.7V is the voltage, the 2000mAH is the capacity and the LiPo is the battery type Lithium Polymer.

If you have the same model battery as described above, unfortunately I can't find a supplier only the manufacturer.

An alternative is to look for a smaller dimensioned battery having the same or very similar voltage/capacity specs. It need to be smaller to physically fit into the space in the speaker for the battery.

It also needs to have a 3 wire connection one each for +ve batt (red) and gnd (black) and a third for battery monitoring purposes (usually white).

The nearest that I could find was this one. The only problem is that it has half the capacity of the original so the speaker will only work on battery power for half the time that it used to

If the specifications on your battery are different, search online using the specifications e.g. (insert 6 digit dimension number) (insert Voltage) (insert capacity) (insert type) battery to hopefully find one. For the above battery I looked for 553450-2P 3.7V 2000mAH LiPo battery.

Hopefully this is of some help to get your speaker working on battery power only.

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