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What LCD displays can be used for the MacBook Air 13 mid 2012?

I am curious how many of the MacBooks before and after are using this same LCD display? I need to replace mine but besides the same Model and EMC number, I am wondering which others can be used for this machine? Has anyone seen a reference that tells you this? I noticed that dimensions on these are the same for the 13 but sometimes that frame is different. For the unibody aluminum are the Displays the same?

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Generally, 2010-2017 Airs have compatible LCDs (11 and 13 inch) although they can vary by quality. I can't say that they will work 100% of the time, sometimes they will, so it boils down to testing.

Imo, I would see if eBay has any OEM or aftermarket displays. I checked and ifixit is out. but if you got a mac for parts, I would go for it! Here's a guide for replacing the screen when you're set!

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Thank you for the response, Peter. I appreciate this.


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