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Repair and additional information for the GE Profile Refrigerator PVD28BYNB***, an automatic defrost, energy-efficient fridge first released in 2019 without through-the-door dispenser or ice maker. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern PVD28BYNB***.

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GE profile PVD28BYNBFS ice maker not receiving water

I have been troubleshooting my ice maker for a month now with no luck.

original my ice maker stopped producing ice because the ice box fan failed and the ice box in the fridge wasn’t getting cooled enough. Replaced that part and now I can’t get water to the ice box.

Working items.

Ice machine will make ice cubes with water added manually

water line from solenoid to ice maker clear. (Checked with air compressor light pressure)

Water dispenser works with adequate pressure

Ice maker solenoid passed ohms check and also (ran jumper wires from water solenoid to ice maker solenoid. Request water from the door and water went to the ice machine.)

It seems like the logic or the ice machine is not requesting water because it’s not opening the solenoid.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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Nice troubleshooting, a=manually adding water to see if temps are low enough to freeze and allow the icemaker to operate. What may be left is figuring out if the temperature sensor failed or damage connection prevents the sensor from sending a correct signal to tell the icemaker to run its cycle. If its a NTC type, high resistance/low temps and low resistance/high temps are its characteristics.


Thermistor check accomplished 9.45 Kohms. Follows in line with normal operations.

Plot twist

Ran a service test and it cycled water and dispensed water.

But will not dispense water during normal operations


A service test (my guess) might bypass the temperature sensor to allow it to cycle and exercise everything. This may explain why it works (with the temperature sensor is bypassed). Are you sure the sensor resistance is correct? There are negative and positive temperature coefficient thermistors. I don't know specs but found thermistor temperature/resistance charts, presuming one for NTC and the other for PTC. Bypassing your sensor with the appropriate resistor value for typical freezing temps should allow immediate icemaker operation. The question is which sensor is used to substitute a resistor (high or low value) to determine whether the sensor is faulty or the main board.



If you're willing to spend the money here's the service manual for the refrigerator that may help as usually they have the wiring diagrams. The manual is GE part #31 10000390 but I couldn't find a free download anywhere.

Also check around the back of the cabinet underneath the compartments as sometimes the manual is kept there in a plastic sleeve. With models that have a grill or a toe plate at the front on the bottom it is easier as that's where it mostly is behind but I noticed that your model doesn't have either at the bottom.


Any results on this? My ice box wouldn't get cold. Replaced the fan, didn't work. Replaced the control board, now it's proper temp but will not make ice. Manually filled the tray and they froze but didn't drop. Clueless now.


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The service manual helped out. Double checked the thermistor against the service manual resistance chart. It passed. After a couple of service mode tests from the manual all passed I open up the ice maker it self and 8 plastic teeth fell out of the motor area.

Ran a cycle after that and noticed the harvest cycle was running to long and the melting plate was melting the ice before the harvest cycle could get the ice out.

I’m going to replace the ice maker component and see if that fixes the issue. Parts on order

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Any result on this?


Replacement of the fan and the ice maker unit fixed the issue. Has been working now for a couple of months no issue.


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Warranty replaced my ice maker and water valve It made 2 buckets of ice and stopped again. Same as it did new. Will dispense water and dump ice if i fill tray manually. $3000 GE / Samsung

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Ica maker seems not to have water going to it .the ice maker makes noise not making ice sad wondering probably the water valve . Part of the problem

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similar model that i am working on thought was the double coil valve but it wasn't. in water dispense mode get water at door so both valves (one on door and the one on the rear of machine) both work. turns out that when energizing the valves for ice only the front valve was getting power and nothing to rear valve. one of the boards must be bad but have not gotten the new board to see which one is bad. one on the rear or the one on top of the freezer door. of course no schematic on this one to help me out.

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Hi @raymondsipe

What is the model number of the refrigerator?


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