unable to activate say ios exspired and I cant up date

I have an iPhone 4 CDMA that seems to have 3 different ios running on it when i shut it off it has the ios 5 shut-off rectangle (right before it became rounded) and the iPhone charging noise for ios 4 when I plug it in and if I reboot it it has the (i think ios 7) wallpaper with the snowy mountains or something like that the weird part is it says its runing ios 7.0.0 and says thats the highest up gradable ios but its not the highest being ios 7.1.2 i have tried to activate the phone and when i do it just says ios is expired pls update when i tired it just says can't update bc highest updateable ios if I try to restore from back up the iPhone just says failed to connect or soft ware expired or unusable ios im trying to activate the phone but it will not work what can i do about this

sry if i got the ios wrong im not the best with remebering which exactly belongs to

any way what can i do about this

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Did you recently factory reset the phone?


@andrewsawesome no i did not i bought it in a lot of iphones and know

nothing about its past


@keith_themuscovyduck The iPhone is connected to your home network, correct? I would try activating without a SIM card. Also, do you have a Windows computer?


its a cdma there is no sim card also i have not tried to connect to my wifi and i dont rlly want to try that and i do have a windows computer @andrewsawesome


i have tryed to reset it using dfu mode just gievs me one of the messages that recieved when trying to restore from up dates same messages and i tryed to get 3u tools my mac is too old


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