Kenwood Multione Motor Control Help

I have a Kenwood Multione that has stopped working. The motor control board made a pop board was charred underneath. I have now sourced and replaced the control board. The mixer powers up ok , the light is solid white but when I turn on the mixer , no motor movement and I can hear the relay clicks on the control board and the white light then flashes. Has anybody else had this issue ? I have tried to get support in the UK but no one will talk technical or supply any service manuals. Truly awful service other than wanting to charge m £90 + parts . I suspect that whatever blew on the original controller board may have damaged something else. Does any body now how I can test the motor on its own ,,,Does it have an inbuilt capacitor etc .. It is really poorly made

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@robrolley any chance you can post a couple pictures of your boards and the motor connections? My concern would be that the motor may have gotten damaged. Can you get to the motor brushes with a multimeter? Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


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