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Annunciato il 13 ottobre, l'iPhone 12 Mini è una versione più piccola dell'iPhone 12 di Apple. Si caratterizza per lo schermo OLED da 5,4", processore A14 bionic e per la doppia fotocamera posteriore

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Missing Sensor(s): TG0B and TG0V

I recently had my iPhone 12 Mini battery replaced after it started having issues less than 2 years after purchase (brand new) as it stopped holding charge, was giving me the "non-genuine/not working properly" warning, and kept restarting every 3 minutes. After being replaced by a certified repair shop, it worked for about 2 weeks before it started exhibiting many of the same signs. Took it in for diagnostic, and it was showing an error with the wireless charger presence. I took it upon myself to get a panic log reader. The errors I'm getting is "no successful checking from thermalmonitord" and "Missing Sensor(s): TG0B and TG0V".

I know one of these sensors is the battery (it's a certified replacement) and the other is for the charging flex. Is this something an Apple Store could replace for me?Or are they going to insist on a whole new phone or just replacing the battery?

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Hi, I bought this reconditioned iPhone 12 mini with the same problem, “Missing sensor(s): TG0B TG0V”.

Can you share the solution your phone needed, or have you bought a new device eventually? Thanks I’m advance.


So what it ended up being was the wireless charging sensor. I didn’t visually see it to verify but when I shook my phone I could hear something rattling around, and the area where the wireless charger would work on my phone would move around, so I’m assuming that came loose. I did drop my phone quite often and it must of broke loose whatever held the wireless charger in place.


Disculpa tengo el mismo problema talvez me pueden ayudar con cuál fue el problema


@yugicarlotto disculpa pudiste solucionar tu problema también tengo el mismo talvez me puedes ayudar con lo q le isiste para q se arregle


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When you say ‘certified’, do you mean apple certified? If so the battery should of been replaced properly and serial numbers made to match etc.

Yes they would also be able to fit a new charge port assembly. Apple would rather sell you a new phone rather than fix it so if they try that just tell them you want your phone repaired.

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@juliosantillan, According to the iPhone Kernel Panics wiki page, those two sensors are located in the battery, so the normal fix for this problem would be to replace the battery. Here's the relevant excerpt.

The original poster claims that his problem turned out to be the wireless charging sensor, but I'm skeptical of that finding. Personally I would replace the battery first, then if that didn't resolve the problem I might consider replacing the wireless charging coil. Here's the guide for replacing the battery.

iPhone 12 mini Battery Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

Note that unless you take some extraordinary steps when you replace the battery, you will lose your battery health information and you will get a pop-up warning that your battery may not be genuine for a couple of weeks. In your case the normal way to get rid of that warning won't work, as it involves moving the Battery Management System, or BMS, board from the old battery to a new cell. The thing is, your BMS appears to be defective so it will have to be replaced and you'll get the warning. The only way to avoid it is to pay an Apple authorized service center to replace the battery. They'll pair the battery to your logic board so you won't see the warning message.

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I encountered the same problem. The phone has been turned off three times in a row, and the battery level is stuck at 1%. Finally, the battery was replaced to solve this problem. Before that, my mobile phone had a sudden shutdown (low battery log) many times.


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