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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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My CPU die temperature is consistently >70C


my Macbook Pro (16", 2019) was repaired about a 7 months ago - I had the entire bottom replaced. Recently, my laptop has started shutting down when under strain (like playing a video game) - but today it shut down when using google maps. I checked the CPU die temperature and I saw it was 100C from simply starting up and opening chrome. If I leave it on idle for about 20 mins, it gets down to about 55-65C but never lower.

I have just restarted PRAM and the fans aren't blocked. Is there anything I can do to fix this from software? I really don't want to have to bring it in again.

Update (07/20/2022)

Hey, thanks for the replies, here is the diagnostics when I am idling and literally just have background apps running. For context, I had chrome, terminal, mail, whatsapp and spotify running in the background:

Block Image

And here it is when I opened photoshop to try and save this image to send to you guys:

Block Image

It's now back down to ~70C after about 5-10 mins but when I check the die temperature it is consistently 70C even when I'm doing the most mundane tasks like simply opening Chrome. I know Chrome is notorious for using processing power, but this is a (relatively) new computer, especially considering the CPU etc has been replaced when I brought it in for repair last time. Here is the command line die temperature - 90C is when I opened photoshop:

Block Image

Is this normal? This computer (2019 16") has always seemed to have issues cooling down for me, but 90C when doing simply tasks seems excessive? Then when I try to do something more complicated (like play a game) - its either throttled to be unplayable, or not throttled and my computer shuts down from the heat.

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Let's get a better view of things here. Install this great app TG Pro take a snapshot of the applications main window making sure you get all of the sensors within the shot or take two after sliding down the slide to get the ones at the bottom. Then post it here for us to see Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda do this when its at the hottest time point and take note of the most active processes using Activity Monitor posting that image as well.

Also lets get an idea how your battery is doing as well using this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see as well


hey, I updated the question with the screenshots. It seems quite hot to me but I'm not sure if this is expected on this model. As mentioned, I'm not doing anything crazy complicated in these photos.


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70° C? Are your fans kicking on, because no way should your device get that hot unless the fans are off? My suggestion is to take your device to the repair shop and explain what is happening. My educated guess is that they might have forgotten to plug the fans back in. Or there is another significant hardware issue that is causing this issue.

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@jmehnert - The diagnostics data I was asking for as a comment above would clarify what the issue is. Until we get some deeper info its a bit premature to assume this is a complex issue.


@danj - Probably for the best to wait for the data. I'll admit I've had devices come across my desk where the technician didn't reseat the cable for the fan more times than I would have liked, and immediately thought of that 😂.


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OK we've got a good clue here! Note the much lower value of the Airflow sensors so the Heatsink is not moving the heat out!

You need a new heatsink and make sure you use the correct thermal paste and use the correct amount as too much is not better, less is better!

You only need a very thin coat between the black silicon chip and the heat sink any paste that is oozing past and getting other components wet is not what you want, Apple overdoes it as you can see here.

Block Image

Don't follow Apples product assemblers as they are sloppy!

Block Image

The heatsink has a liquid coolant within it which has likely leaked out. I'm suspecting what they swapped out the logic board they reused the original heatsink which is likely the root cause of your original issue or if the bottom cover has been crushed in then it too got damaged as well.

MacBook Pro 16" Heatsink, Apple P/N 076-00453

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I had this problem too and fixed it by opening the MacBook, cleaning the fans and replacing the CPU thermal paste.

The heat wasn’t leaving as expected before, which caused the overheat up to 95 degrees! And that caused the CPU throttling to kick in and make the laptop very slow

All good now, after the cleaning. You’ll need special screw drivers, thermal paste, a pressured air can (all easy to order online), patience and one of the videos on YouTube that explains how to do it step by step. Make sure you search for your model.

It’ll take you two hours but it’s worth it, if you’re not up to taking it in for cleaning.

Good luck!

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