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The Bose Portable Smart Speaker is a wireless, portable, voice-controlled, Bluetooth speaker.

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What type of tools needed to open the Bose Speaker

what type of tools needed to open up up tj Bose Speaker

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Here's a teardown video that may help.

One of the comments below the video mentioned that the screws on the bottom are a 5 point security torx screw so at a minimum you will need a Torx 5 point tamper proof screwdriver. Unfortunately the size wasn't mentioned e.g. T5, T6 etc

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Thanks so for the vid, I’m looking for the charging unit ? Any ideas


@Olu Osibo

If you get an AC/DC adapter with the following specs it should be OK

Input : 100-240 V AC , 50/60Hz

Output : 5V DC 3A

Output plug : USB-C

Here's an example

Of course the adapter's AC input plug design would have to match the wall power outlets where you are so that you can plug it into the wall power outlet ;-)


I found the link to the bits that he used in the video on amazon, it’s only £7/$9 here:


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