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Repair information and guides for the 2015 Retina MacBook Air. Model A1534

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2015 MacBook - successfully replaced battery now will not charge

MacBook, early 2015. Model A1534.

Replaced battery (purchased here) several days ago. Was careful to power the laptop initially with a low power source before I turned it back on. Once on, I let it drain to 0 and shut down on its own, then turned it back on and charged it up to 100. Shut it down after that and put the computer away, thinking I was done with the repair.

Today (several days after putting the laptop away, thinking it was fixed), when I turned the laptop on, battery shows either 0 or 1%, will immediately shut down if unplugged. Power source is confirmed as reliable as I use it on another MacBook that uses USB C.

My initial response was to try resetting the SMC and NVRAM, which I think I did successfully, but I have no idea of how to determine if the 'reset' commands took.

Anyhow, after that, I just let the computer sit, powered on and plugged in, and it is still showing 1%. When I click on battery at the top of the screen it says 'service recommended' and 'battery is not charging'.

I have heard on similar posts that the charging logic within the logic board may be at fault. I am curious if this sounds like one of those cases, even with what appeared to be a successful charging of the battery after the initial repair was complete?

Really at a loss as to what seemed to happen after I put the computer away after what seemed to be a successful battery replacement :/

***06.04.22 - updated to show coconutBattery screenshot

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@mc01 - Let’s get a better view of things, install this gem of an app! CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the apps main window and post it here for us to see Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


Hi Dan, thanks, image uploaded.


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PROBLEM SOLVED! long story short, the original replacement battery was defective.

After receiving a 2nd battery from ifixit (1st was warrantied, thank you), everything is now working fine.

Thanks very much to everyone who helped me out along the way!

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It sure is strange how it did charge then stopped isn’t it!

Iv seen similar thing like this before so I would try the following

Unplug the battery from the logic board and clean the board connector and the battery connector carefully with a cotton bud and isopropyl alcohol

Try booting into safe mode and charging

If that doesn’t work I would get I touch with whoever sold you the battery and see if it’s faulty

Hopefully this helps


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Best rule of thumb is first diagnose the problem before offering a solution. I would get a firm grasp on what is the state of the battery which CoconutBattery will tell us using the free version is enough.


Hi @danj

Thanks for the feedback

I will remember to do that for next time

You are 100% correct though


Thanks Dan and HelloMacOS - for what it is worth, booting into safe mode does not help. I will hold off on opening up the computer again and cleaning any contacts until Dan gets a chance to let me know what he thinks from the coconut screenshot. I really appreciate all the help here.


No problem!

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions

Thats why we’re here!:-)


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Try resetting the SMC with it plugged in. 1 Shut down the MacBook. 2 Hold Down Option + Shift + Control all together at the same time for 10 seconds then release the keys. 3 Tuen on the MacBook. If it still doesn’t turn on leave it unplugged for about a week. Then try plugging it in and let it charge for a couple hours. Then try turning it on again.

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Why do you think resetting the SMC would effect this condition and why would you tell someone to leave the system for a week needlessly.

The key is asking what is the color of the MagSafe charger LED. If its Orange then it's trying to charge. If its green then the charging logic is having a problem.

But given the fact the system is running from the charger we know power is getting to the system. So the issue is really focused on the battery its self, hence we need to see what the battery tells us. I find CoconutBattery is a easy and quick tool to tell us what gives.


Hi Cameron, really appreciate your help here. I am happy to take the time to try anything that may work. To recap, I have already reset the SMC/NVRAM/PRAM, and that does not seem to help.

Hi Dan, just wanted to clarify I'm using a USB C cable, so no orange/green indicator to see, but I can confirm like you're saying that if I leave the computer plugged in, I could conceivably run it forever no problem, it would just stay at 1% charge and immediately die if I accidentally unplug it.

You may have noticed from my coconut screenshot that the battery, purchased from Ifixit, was manufactured in 2015. Does this support something wrong with the battery as well, given that there could be a shelf life issue here?

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to help. All of the suggestions are great and I'm looking forward to trying everything I can to get this resolved :)


@mc01 @danj If it's a battery problem that I can get solved, please tag me!!


@amber - Just coming back to this Q. now with CoconutBattery we appear to have old battery info present in SMC. It looks like it didn't clear out the older battery info given the date is about the same of system production. I don't deal with MacBooks that often so I'm a bit unsure what the best way to reset SMC fully.

Whats odd is it did pick up the battery is from iFixit. We can also see the charger is not charging the battery - Charging with 0 Watts and Power adapter is Connected! So this could be a micro-controller issue or it could be something within the logic board charging logic.

@mc01 - Yes your right, I had MagSafe on my mind. Apple makes it harder to see if the charger is properly working with the USB-C power connection. I find using a USB-C power meter helpful USB-C Power Meter.

At this point you might want to check the USB-C cable make sure its the Apple version as some others don't offer the full wired connection needed here.



It is indeed the original Apple branded cable and charging block. The same ones I also used to charge up the new battery a few weeks ago.

You may recall that this battery appeared to take a full charge after the initial replacement, but a few days later was at 0 percent when I started the system back up. I'm really struggling to understand what suddenly happened to the system. I can't imagine that any of the connections I made during the replacement were suddenly compromised. Also, if it was a battery that was draining slowly, I would think that it would at least go back up to 100 (or something close to that) Again, even if it quickly died after. I'm also curious about the logic board being damaged during install with excessive voltage (even though I believe I prevented that from happening), but wouldn't it have been damaged immediately and not allowed to go to 100 on even the initial charge?

Is the charging circuit on the logic board? I'm starting to wonder if just buying a new logic board and replacing it could be worthwhile. It appears to be basically 2/3 of the steps I already did to replace the battery. Not typically interested in throwing solutions at problems without more information, but curious if you think that we are getting to this stage?

Anyone else on this forum that you think may have seen this problem with macbooks before? I only ask since you indicated that you don't focus on macbooks. Not to take away from any of the great assistance you've already given, hope you understand my inquiry.

@amber Hi Amber, would it make sense that the battery I purchased from ifixit could have had a manufacture date of 2015? I purchased it about a month ago at this point.

Thanks again!


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HI all- this is helping, but have a similar problem. Replaced battery in January. Worked fine for a few months, and suddenly- it just stopped last week. The only way the computer works is if its plugged in- the MagSafe stays orange, regardless of how long its connected. The second I remove MagSafe, the computer shuts off. Battery icon in menu bar disappeared too, along with battery in system preferences. See pic for what it shows in the system. Do I just need a new battery? or could something else possibly be wrong?

Thanks for any help I can get-

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I have exactly the same problem. Were you able to solve this?


@Sulev Reisberg If you bought your battery from iFixit, there is a one year warranty on it. I found their support team to be responsive and wanting to make things right for their customers. You can contact them at


I have the same problem. Does anyone know a fix? I replaced the usb-c port. the cable and the usb-c plug, reset SMC NVRM and PRAM and the X is on the battery icon on the login screen but no battery is displayed when logged in or in system preferences. it still is not charging either. any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I’m having the same issue minus it charging at, mines been on 0% since I changed the battery :(

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Please post a snapshot of CoconutBattery here so we can see things.


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