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Guides and repair information for Altec Lansing speakers.

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rock box xl it wont charge how can I repair it.

I have a rock box xl works fine when ot would turn on. When i plug it on it wont charge. I think the charging port has disconnected from the circut board. Is there a part i can buy to repair it. Also how do i take it apart

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Can you upload some images of the device?


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@signal flare yes that is a possibility as well as a bad battery but we would need to see more. It appears as if there are some screws in the back and side pieces. Looking at the rim of the case it appears to be snapped.So running a plastic opening tool along the edge should release that after the removal of any screws.

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Post some pictures of your own Rock box so we can see what you see and hopefully assist you further. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

When you are taking it apart take lots of pictures and create a guide for the next person that may have issues with it. it's pretty straight forward.

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taking apart is rather simple, has some Hex screws size H2.5 once the 6 screws are removed then pry the 3 sides of the end to pop off the side. from there it's only 2 screws holding the box with the port. from there the parts are somewhat standard but if your needing to replace the board then you will need to know how to solder. Hope this helps

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