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How to grease fans bearing?


I would clean my PowerBook G4 Aluminium 17'' fans cause those are really loudy, the noise sounds like something vibrating, rumbling.

So I've follow iFixit tutorial to access the fans but the top of the fan is covered by a little metal plug that avoid me to grease the axe of the fan, I don't know how to remove or open it.

Does someone have a solution to clean and grease those PowerBook fans?

Thx by advance

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Hi, The noises you describe sound like the fan bearings are going bad and I suspect you probably need to replace the fans. By all means try cleaning the fans first--you may get lucky.

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1.67 GHz (High-Res) Heat Sink & Fan Assembly Replacement

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@ Jonathon: don't use WD40 to lubricate your fan instead use sewing machine oil. Check this link and you'll know why:

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You could blow the dust off, but it's really hard to actually disassemble and grease them. Try dusting it first (it's free?) and try that...

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I have tried to clean fans with comprimed air but when i had turn on the computer nothing has change... same noise...

I have seen that:

but on the Powerbook the little plastic plug seems to be a little metal plug and no solution to access the bearing...

Anyone have an idea a to remove this plug on metal boxed fan?

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im trying to fix a regular Massey fan (not computer fan) and its starting to squeak but WD40 doesn't seem to help it just shuts the motor down any tips? other then kitchen oil im looking for the grease that you would put on cars would you happen to know what its called?

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