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Not Charging with Cable


I have a charging problem with my Galaxy Note 10 plus. It suddenly stopped charging via cable. Also no data transfers via cable.

So naturally I immediately cleaned the USB-C port. As this did not help, I replaced the daughter/ charging port board. Still nothing.

To be clear, if I stick a cable in the charging port the phone does nothing whatsoever. Luckily the phone can be charged wireless so that's what I´m currently relying on.

I´m not an electrical engineer so I´m kind of wondering what to try next.

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Did you try a different known working cable, you never said?


Yes I tried a bunch of different cables and charging bricks. I also tested theese with a device wich is known to work.


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I would start by getting a schematic or board view file to follow the circuit path from

plugging in the adapter then need to test for short in the circuit. It be difficult to tell you exact

problem without diagnosing it with an ammeter but from your analysis it is possible to have a bad

charging ic where some of the solder contacts became loose on the charger side and partially still

intact is why working on the wireless side

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Thanks for the reply,

I found some schematics and trouble shooting guides. It says to first check the IC U304 (1203-009283)ovp by checking C209. It says to resolder or replace U304 if check is negative.

Same with

U7010(1203-009156) direct charger/ C7126 9V and

U7008(1203-009234)IF pmic/ C7099 5V.

Now I don´t know where to source the 3 ICs in question if I need to replace them.


@Wesley McKeen

Search online using the part numbers you quoted to find suppliers that suit you best.


1203-009283 Although this supplier seems to be the only one with stock and it has to be ordered in, so hopefully it is not required ;-)




@Wesley McKeen Yes no problem , i gave you a general solution as i did not have the schematics yes that may be one possibility. U304 i believe is located on the backside of the pcb and is accessible. i'd check the G3H/ power line first to make sure Power is getting to the 3 ICs correctly, diagnosis for that on pg 153/168 , as replacing ICs can be hectic. for u7010 and u7008 i think your phone has an embedded motherboard inside it, the two ICs may be underneath. (i don't have the phone in front of me) can be separated with a hot gun. u'd be risking ur whole phone and the wireless charging too if too much heat is used or used at wrong spots. For this model it seems there are a number of ICs responsible for charging as i seen dual ICs before, U7010 is PMIC which is power management U7008 and U304 is like a voltage regulator for direct charging. checking the capacitors is a good diagnosis for them but need to check if they or are blown themselves or other minor components before ic work.


An ammeter, voltage injection, heat detection can narrow down which IC if one of them was bad. u can find these ICs by reading model numbers on them with magnifier can enter model numbers in a search engine to see what seller/ platform carries it. I suggest buying after narrowing down and successfully removing as they are microscopic components with microscopic contact points for the new ICs. Good luck !


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