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Whirlpool wrs325fdam02 led light problem

Hello, two weeks ago I had all three interior lights-top right, bottom right, and freezer, blinking. I replaced the top right light with w10515058 led light driver. Now after two weeks when I open the door, the top right led light blinks 3 or 4 times and turns off.P.S It changes between the freezer led light and the light on the top right Does Anyone facing that situation know about it? Any help is welcome, thanks

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Hi @vir457 ,

What happens to the bottom right LED light, does it also blink, turns off or stays on?

Looking at the LED wiring in the Wiring Sheet W10565197 RevB for your model, the AC power is fed to the AC/DC LED control module, (presumably the top right LED light that you replaced) when the door switch is released. Then the DC derived from the AC supplied to the module, supplies not only the LED lights in that module but also the other LED light modules i.e. bottom and freezer in series connection, i.e. it goes from top right to freezer to bottom right and back to top right.

For the lights to blink or turn off, first you would need to check if there is a constant 115V AC being supplied to pin 1 (yellow wire) on the LED control module when the door is open i.e. is the door switch OK or it is providing an intermittent connection perhaps e.g. corroded contact??

If the AC supply to the LED control module is constant when the door is open then it may be problem with one of the other LED modules (part # WPW10515057) that you haven't replaced or the wiring connections to the other LED modules, going open circuit (loose, faulty crimp on wire??) causing all the lights to turn off of blink if intermittent. Further testing may be required to find out what's actually occurring

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The top light in the refrigerator actually controls all three I believe. This is the one that I have and I was looking up solutions myself because I'm having issues with the lights. A lot of people are saying it's a common problem and on the motherboard for the light look to see if anything is loose. It may be a connectivity issue. I seen a couple of people say they sprayed it with WD-40 silicone and that helped, others have said there's one of two pieces that were loose and needed to be resoldered

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