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not turning on and not charging

hi there i have plugged my samsung galaxy a70 into a charging port and theres nothing on the screen and ive tryed putting a new battery and theres still nothing there i need help any advise

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Hi @craigirle,

Did you try using a different known working, compatible charger, charging cable or connecting the phone to a computer to see if it charges OK?

If it doesn't charge and the new battery needed to be charged before use, then perhaps that is why the phone does not turn on.

Has the phone been dropped or gotten wet at all?


@jayeff no Haddenham has gotten wet at all I have bought a new battery and still the same nothing and I have ordered a new charging port and flex cable to see if that works


@craigirle you might have issues if the port isn't genuine. it could possibly show the thermometer logo and still not charge.


@tech_ni there's nothing showing up on the screen at all and its has a brand new screen and not showing anything up


@craigirle does it vibrate or make any sound


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I'm not an expert in phones but based on what I'm witnessing, I think you may have the check the charging port. Try to see if there is something in there. And if there is, try to clean it. But if you can't clean it, you may have to see a mechanic. Hope this helps!

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