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The JBL Charge 5, released in April 2021, has an optimized long excursion driver, a separate tweeter, and dual JBL bass radiators, all delivering impressively rich and clear audio. This Speaker comes with an IP67 and a 20 hour battery life. Model: NT

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My charger 5 is not taking charge.

Tried different charges, but my JBL Charger 5 is not taking any charge! It’s only three months old!

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My JBL Charge 5 won't connect to the JBL app on my android phone, this never happened with my Sony and Bose bluetooth speakers. I already hard reset the unit multiple times, is there any way to solve this? this is already the second charge 5 that can't connect.


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The speaker has a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

Given that it is only 3 months old and that you have tried different compatible chargers and the speaker is still not charging, contact the JBL customer service centre in your location and make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair, replacement or refund. (see the documentation that came with the speaker to find details about a warranty repair). Here’s the JBL warranty statement that may help if you can’t find the information

Do not attempt to open the speaker to find out what is wrong as doing this will void the warranty.

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Had same problem and changing the charging Ic solved it

Block Image

but that was after diagnosis and finding it was the cause for it not charging

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The type c port might be damaged or theres something stuck inside it. If u have warranty then use it. Check the motherboard but if u do that u won't be able to register ur warranty

Hope this helps

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