Can you repair/replace the Firewire bus in a G4 Cube?

Can you feasibly repair or replace the Firewire bus in a Power Mac G4 Cube?

My Cube’s Firewire bus burned out last year after I plugged in an Acer Firewire DVD drive. Now the ports convey neither data or charge.
Looking at the ports, they look distinct from the rest of the I/O, and I’ve seen sale listings for discreet Firewire modules for other Power Mac G4s on eBay.
My Cube still runs fine otherwise, and I can easily add new files simply by removing the SSD and plugging it into a different computer, but the dead Firewire ports make it much less practical.
Can you repair or replace the Firewire bus in a G4 Cube?

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@quantumjoker post some images with your QUESTION off what this all looks like. That way we can see what you see. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


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