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The TDK Trek Max is a wireless portable speaker complete with Bluetooth capabilities. The integrated microphone allows for speakerphone capabilities to any device that is currently paired to the speaker via Bluetooth or that is plugged into it. The auxiliary and USB ports make the speaker compatible with almost any device.

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Why can’t my trek max connect to Bluetooth?

My speaker turns on but does not connect to any Bluetooth devices please help!

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I am following this procedure and the BT light is not coming on. This has happened before


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Hi @kkaiser79 ,

has the BT function worked OK before?

What is the status of the BT blue indicator LED, is it blinking slowly, fast or is on all the time?

If the LED is a solid blue i.e. not blinking it is already paired with another device and it cannot pair with more than one device at a time.

Try resetting the speaker: Press the Volume -, Volume +, Speaker Phone button, and then the Bluetooth button. The BT LED indicator should blink slowly indicating that it is ready to be paired again.

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Hi and thanks for your response! It used to connect to blue tooth and work no problem. And actually the blue blue tooth light is not coming on at all when you press it! I will try your reset suggestion when I get home! Thanks again!


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