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Popular clothes dryer series by Kenmore.

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Dryer doesn’t stay running.

I start my Kenmore gas dryer and 2 seconds later it stops. I check the vent and it’s clean. The drum does spin. The door latch seems ok. My son dried 1 load yesterday and the next load it had this problem.

Any ideas


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Hi @fishon22,

What is the model number of the dryer?


Kenmore Elite



That’s the number on the door frame.

Thank you for answering.



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Hi @fishon22 ,

Check if the thermistor is OK. (supplier example only to show part and its location)

If it is faulty search for WP8577274 to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

I couldn’t find the service manual for your model but here’s a generic service manual that may help to find out what’s happening Clothes Dryer Repair 787207

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Thank you I’ll look for that.


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