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Informazioni per la riparazione e lo smontaggio dello smartphone Android 5G Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Rilasciato ad agosto 2020.

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USB port not working.

If I connect it to its (original) charger, it won’t charge unless I push it to a point where it stays connected.

What’s more, the original cable doesn’t seem to work at all, while the third-party cord I bought on Amazon has to be connected on specific side on both extremes, so despite being USB type-C to USB type-C, it’s no longer reversible.

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Do Somebody have experience of changing the USB port, but it still doesn't charge? What next...? I tried even factory reset. Its charging only wireless...


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Hi @octlopcur .

Here’s the ifixit Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra USB-C Port Replacement guide that may help.

Replacement charge ports are available online. Just search for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra charge port board, to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

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Try cleaning out the usb port

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I tried with air already, but nothing changed. I guess I'll have to open it. ??‍♂️


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