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Released 2016, this Sharper Image stunt drone is rechargeable and has a 150-foot flying range. It is black with 4 propellers. It has a 2.4GHz transmitter. It requires no FAA registration and includes charging cable and (4)replacement blades. It has removable blade guards.

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Why does my device not lift off

All the blades spin but it will not lift off the ground

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Have you checked that the propellers are fitted correctly and are in their correct quadrants?

Each blade has a number written on it. Match the blades with the corresponding number on the drone. If incorrect carefully unscrew the propeller and reposition it in the correct place.

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It could also be a expanding/defective battery. I’ve had a similar problem where the drone’s battery was expanding and could not supply enough power to lift off. I would find the voltage of that battery under normal circumstances and test the battery’s output. Hope this helps!

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