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The Maytag Washer model MVWB765FW is a top-load washing machine with a deep fill option. The washer has a volume of 4.7 cubic feet.

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Washer does not fill with hot water except in diagnostics mode.

I was about to dive into a hot water valve replacement until I discovered that when I force the appropriate diagnostic function, hot water works just fine. This unit is 2yrs old and was working fine up until this happened.

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Hi @goldenx,

Please confirm the model number of the washer, in case yours is a different model to what you selected?

Are there any error codes when running the diagnostics?

It may be a faulty control panel key, wiring harness connection or perhaps a control board problem.

You may be selecting "hot' as the temp option and the light may be on but perhaps the control panel is not signalling the control board or there is a problem with the board.

Did you use the Temp button during the selection of a diagnostic test option?

Basically from the control board to the valve is OK but you may need to prove it is OK from the control panel to the control board when hot is selected.


Model: MNWB765FW1

Error code: F0E4 (bogus error code since hook up is correct).

I'm now seeing other symptomatic issues such as agitator appears to be functioning for delicates rather than a normal cycle selection (indicator).

Is there a way to obtain a service manual before I start tearing into this?



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Hi @goldenx

Did you mean MVWB765FW1? I can’t find anything at all for the model number that you posted

Here’s the Techsheet W10607408 Revf for the MVWB765FW1 washer.

The F0E4 may be correct if no hot water is entering the machine.

Maybe check in “normal mode” if there is voltage appearing on control board J2 pin 9 when the hot water valve needs to be operated. If not then its back into the control board. I realize that it operates in diagnostics but if not in normal mode and the temperature key works OK to the board then I think it is in the board

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Hi @jayeff, I very much appreciate the assistance! This is indeed for the MVWB765FW1. I'll have a go at this and let you know one way or the other. Thanks again!


Hi @goldenx

Maybe check the KEY ACTIVATION & ENCODER TEST as per p.3 and also Test #4 on p.17


@jayeff, hey so hot water is functioning, but only in a limited capacity (see below). The voltages & continuity check out plus the tests on p.3 & 17 were good. I've reseated all harnesses and ran a series of tests. The only notable thing was all solenoids measured at 1K ohms even though the resistance tolerance is supposed to be 790-840 ohms. I'm inclined to think that this isn't the root cause.

I discovered that hot water is functioning for Power Wash and Rapid Wash cycles only, but just with Auto Sensing water level only (not Deep Fill).

Have you seen anything like this before? ESD?




Have you checked that the detergent dispenser is OK, not clogged etc?

Looking at the sheet it states that hot water comes through the bleach/oxi part of the dispenser or the detergent part if you don't have that particular feature. see 003 & 004 p.5


I unplugged the washer overnight, but now the hot water is NOT working for any cycle type or combination. However, hot continues to work just fine in the various service modes, plus comes through the difference dispensers.

During any of the hot wash cycles where it "should" transition from the initial cold fill over to hot, there is a pause in the filling, but then resumes with cold.


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Sounds like a controller getting confused. Has it been unplugged for a while? Is there a reset function?

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