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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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How to fix broken ram slot

One of the two ram slots broke, is there a way to fix it

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@danj do you have any idea?


What broke? Post some pics so we can see Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

Most of the time there is little you can do as the frame is well anchored. You would need to replace the frame which is not easy and the cost would be more than replacing the logic board. If the latches are damaged you can try wedging some plastic to hold the needed pressure on the SO-DIMM.


@danj its not the frame or latches,

Its the slot, a picture wouldn't be very useful,

The problem is inside the slot


@beanman56 - New frame then, I would just replace the logic board at this point MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2010) 2.4 GHz Logic Board


:| don't want it THAT much,

But thanks again @danj


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There is. but your not going to like it. but contact Louis Rossmann of Louis Rossmann group in NY New York. he may be able to repair it.

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