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Repair information for the Dell Latitude 6000 laptop series.

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Why does my Dell Latitude freeze when you switch it on the 1st time

Why does my Dell Latitude freeze when you switch it on the 1st time but does not freeze when you switch it on the second time

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How far into the boot process before it freezes e.g. does it pass POST and start to load Windows, if loading Windows does it get to the desktop etc?

If passing POST and starting to load Windows does it do this if starting in safe mode?


Dear Jayeff

Thank you for the above, when you switch it on it will load windows very well passing post but then freezes afterwards when you want to open applications, if you switch it off via the on/off button then it works fine after that so in a nutshell you will have to do the same process every time you want to use this laptop

Its a Dell Latitude E6530


Hi @malven2009

Try starting the laptop in safe mode with networking and check if that makes a difference.

The screen will look different because only generic Windows drivers are loaded and not specific hardware drivers.

Also some Startup programs (if any) aren't loaded either. To view for any Startup programs, in normal mode right click on the Task Bar > Task manager > Startup.

Some other things to try are to run an sfc command to ensure that all the system files are OK.

Check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or warning events that are posted at the time the problem occurs or that have a large number of appearances in the log. To get the Event Viewer, press the Win key + x key (both together) and click on the link that appears in the menu box options

Just trying to eliminate possibilities in the hope of narrowing it down.


Hi Jayeff

Can you check my pc via Any desk.


Hi @malven2009

No Sorry I don't do that.


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Try disabling Fast Startup and check what happens.

To disable fast startup:

Type "power option" (without the inverted commas) in the search box from Start, then click Power & sleep settings from the top of the result.

When the window opens click on "Additional power settings"

Click on "Choose what the power button does".

Click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable".

Untick "Turn on fast startup (recommended)". Then click on "Save Changes".

Restart the laptop in the normal way and then check what happens.

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Dear Jayeff

Thank you for the above response it worked but the issue remaining is :

When the pc goes to sleep mode and you press the on/off button and put a password it then freezes the screen and you will have to restart it via the on/off button again



Try disabling the sleep and hibernate settings and check how that goes.

You may have to alter them later to what you want to have occurring as a permanent option, but the idea now is just to see if either of the settings are the cause of your problem.

If you can control whether the problem occurs or not then you may be able to find out what is happening and then fix it.


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