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In seguito alla forma più sottile e più piccola del Lenovo Yoga due in uno, il Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5-1570 ti offre un'ottima performance, usando un processore Intel Core i5-8250U da 1.6GHz e un adattatore video integrato Intel UHD Graphics 620.

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How to repair the power adaptor

The power adaptor is not working. it’s similar to Lenovo GX20L29764 65W Laptop Adapter/Charger with Power Cord. Where can I get the circuit diagram for this and how do I start checking the same for damage. My assumption is it could be some fuse, diodes, or capacitor which got damaged due to power fluctuation

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Is the power adapter already open, or is it still sealed shut? As this power adapter is not meant to be repaired, I can't find a circuit diagram for it.


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Have you verified that it is not just the output cable from the adapter that is faulty, e.g. fractured wiring in cable?

Open the adapter and then prove continuity in the cable wiring from the adapter circuit board to the cable plug.

If the cable is OK then check that the wiring from the adapter power input pins to the motherboard is OK.

After that visually inspect for any obviously damaged components.

If all appears to be OK visually, then you will have to do point to point testing with a DMM (digital multimeter) to find out where the problem is.

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