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Device repair and information for the Vizio D-series 50" LED television with model number D50n-E1.

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Colored vertical lines across the whole screen

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The picture on the TV was working fine and then the screen had nothing but colored vertical lines going across it I have unplugged it and held the power button for 5 seconds then plugged it back in and turned it on. No change. Gave it 24 hours of rest and no change. Tried tapping the back of it. No change. I just bought it in February of this year!

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V505-H1. I contacted Sam's and their warranty is only 3 months. I thought I purchased the extended warranty but apparently not. I uploaded photos to the question. You can hear sound but the picture is those colored lines.


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Wow, this just happened to my 43’ D Series Vizio, & coincidentally i purchased mine 7 months ago as well! This does not look well for them. I tried filing a claim on their website, but the site seems janky & idk if it actually submitted for sure so i’m going to email them in the morning. tsssk tsssk Vizio😒

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Same exact issue happened to me a day ago. I tried the unplug/ reset method with no luck, its unfortunate because the TV is only a few months old..... I would really hate to be out $350.


@golduk55 looks like a main board issue. We know that companies like vizio/Hisense/TCL are all based on low quality parts and workmanship. But replacing the boards is still cheaper in the long run than the higher quality TV's that croak later but will croak as well. Samsung/Sony/LG are just as bad and only last marginally longer


This just happened tonight. I have some white purple black green mostly vertical but a couple horizontal across my screen black lines seem to be the thickest and it’s flickering almost like there’s a show running in the background. I’m going to try to post a pic.


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Kelli Wise could be an issue with the main board or the T-con board. We would need to know what exact model your TV is and what your screen shows. Post some good pictures with your QUESTION. Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

Since this TV is relatively new I suggest that you contact either the seller or Vizio and have this repaired under current warranty.

Update (10/04/2021)

Kelli Wise that maybe Sam's own warranty but all Vizio TVs come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for non-commercial use or a 90-day warranty period if they are used commercially. If you experience any issue that aligns with Vizio warranty policy, you can file a warranty claim in two ways:

Claiming Vizio TV Warranty via Phone

To file a warranty claim for a Vizio TV over the phone, follow these instructions:

Call (855) 833-3221 or (855) 209-4106

Explain the issue that occurred with your device to the representative and inform them you would like to claim a warranty

Wait for them to give you further instructions regarding sending the faulty product to the repair center

The concern I have is that this maybe a pretty involved repair and since there are no schematics etc. available you would have to try to fix it by replacing complete boards. In the case of your TV I would start with a main board. available used on place like Ebay for around $60 USD. New boards are out of stock at the dealer I commonly buy boards from like In my experience this means that they are selling fast due to a high failure rate.

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