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Why is my evaporater fan not coming on in the freezer compartment

I have a WRX988SIBM00 and the fan will not come on in the freezer compartment. I replaced the fan motor, bi-metal, freezer thermister, and circuit board but I can not figure out what is stopping power to the fan motor.

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Here’s the tech sheet for the refrigerator.

It details how to get into the diagnostic mode to test the freezer evap motor and importantly it also has the wiring diagram so that you can check if the power is getting to the motor, if it fails the diagnostic test.

If it passes the diagnostics but still won’t work normally, manually operate and release the freezer door switch or the refrigerator door switch and check if you can hear the fan turn on and off.

The fan will turn off when a door (either door) is open and the only way the control board knows this is because of the door switches.

If still no good, check that both the door switches are electrically OK with an Ohmmeter.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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