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HP laptop released in 2014, with a 15.6 in screen display and Windows 8. Model Number: 15-d035dx. It comes in Gloss Black and Satin Silver.

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Hp pavilion 15 cboxx: No wifi

Ok I bought this hp computer and there is no wifi…
No wifi in device manager nor trouble shooting nor in bios.
The card is a dual band wireless ac 7265 and the card is not the problem as I had a working one in another laptop and put it in this laptop and it still does not detect the card.
It does however detect the bluetooth part of the device(bluetooth device pesonal area network), I know the bluetooth is the card since when I remove the card the bluetooth device goes away.
I have tried to add legacy device and instal the drivers but then it just comes up as “code 31 window could not load the drivers”
I do not understand how the port the card is slotted into could be faulty when it picks up the bluetooth surely if it picks that part up it should also pick up the wifi part?
I have tried to install the hp $@$* but nothing is working, no matter what I do I can not get this adaptor to work.

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Note: Don't type chevrons or angle brackets

<ESC> then <F10> Main BIOS menu select "System Configuration", to right at top of screen, and "Built-In Device Options" (4th down on list) and you should see listed

  • Wireless Button State
  • Embedded WLAN Device
  • Embedded Bluetooth Device
  • Embedded LAN Controller
  • LAN/WLAN Switching


Which ones are "ticked"?

If that still does not help run the built in HP diagnostics.

<ESC>, <F2> and select "Component Tests" and finally "Wireless Module".

What results did you get?

Here is the Service Manual:

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Hi and thx for the advice.

Bios has no option like you suggested, in fact the only thing in system config is:


virtualization technology

fans always on

action key mode

usb charging

batter remaining time

Boot options

In the HP diagnostics wireless module= not present

The wireless network did say "UEFI networking does not appear to be supported or enabled in this system"

After going into bios boot options and selecting enable boot from network it passed the wireless network test but the wireless module still said not present.


Hi @longpod99,

Was the laptop advertised a 'faulty WiFi? Do you know the history of the laptop?

Try the following

BIOS-->Advanced-->Option ROM Launch Policy-->Change to All UEFI ---> F10 to save and check if that allows you to run the diagnostics.

If still no good, try a power refresh in case the BIOS is corrupted.

Turn off the laptop, disconnect the charger, disconnect the battery, remove the RTC battery, press and hold the Power button operated for a full 30 seconds and then release it. Re-assemble in the reverse order and then try the WiFi.

According to the maintenance and service guide for your model the WLAN adapter for the model is an AC7265 so you are installing the default adapter anyway, so it should work Go to p.37 to see how to disconnect the battery and p.55 for the RTC battery.

The manual linked by @aactech doesn't seem to be the correct one.


Hi @jayeff,

Corrected. Thanks. Or we are both wrong.


Hi @longpod99,

I'm getting conflicting GOOGLE search results with the info you gave "Hp pavilion 15 cboxx". What is the exact full model name and number of your laptop?



I don't know. maybe if the OP provides the "product number" as well we can find out by searching on the HP Partsurfer page using the product number.


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