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The UTStarcom XV6700 is a smartphone that was originally available to Verizon customers in February 2006. The XV6700 separated itself as the first slide-out full QWERTY keyboard smartphone.

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My UTStarcom XV6700 phone will not hold a charge

why wont my UTStarcom XV6700 pocket pc charge?

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If it is not holding a charge then perhaps the battery is failing and needs to be replaced. Even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.

Search online for BTR6700 battery (supplier examples only) to find suppliers that suit you best.

Here’s the Ifixit UTStarcom XV6700 Battery Replacement guide that shows how to replace the battery in the phone.

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I already replaced battery! I can get another if you believe this is bad one as well? But i did receive new one



You never mentioned in your question, that you had already replaced the battery

Does the phone show that it is charging at all?

Your question said " will not hold a charge" but then said "why wont my UTStarcom XV6700 pocket pc charge?", so I was unsure whether it charges but then doesn't hold a charge or doesn't show that it is charging at all.

If it doesn't show that it is charging, have you tried a different compatible charger in case the charger is faulty?

Check that the battery terminals are clean and when the battery is inserted that it exerts enough pressure on the phone's battery connection terminals to ensure that there is a solid connection and not that the battery seems "loose" in the battery compartment.

Also use a strong light and a magnifying glass to visually inspect the phone's mini USB charge port for any obstructions e.g. lint, that may be preventing a good electrical connection. Also check that all the pins are there and that they are all straight and parallel with each other and not bent, broken or missing.

If there is any obstruction to be seen, DO NOT use a pin or metal probe to try and get it out as you may damage the pins or cause electrical problems in the phone. Try using a vacuum cleaner to see if it can be removed that way. If still no good, use a sharpened wooden toothpick to gently prise it out.


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