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A premium super bass portable speaker manufactured by Sony.

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My speaker reads 5v by power insert

Why would my Sony SRS-XB40 charging input be 5V as labeled above port yet everywhere i look says its calling for 9.5V?

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Hi @jsipps74 ,

Very strange.

Please verify the model number of the speaker?

Looking at a user manual for a Sony SRS-XB40 it shows 9.5V DC as you say.


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maybe they put the wrong sticker charge it with a 9.5 charger then with a 5v charger time which one charges faster?

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Hi @iliketechalot ,

What if for some reason the 5V sticker was correct?

Wouldn't do the power supply circuit on the motherboard much good if it got hit with 9.5V.

May be better to open the speaker and check first.

The voltage ratings on some of the components around the power input, would give a clue, if they were marked of course which doesn't happen a lot with smd components, nowadays.


im guessing the 9. has worn off you can open up and check to verify


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