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Un piccolo aggiornamento del MacBook Air di fine 2019, con lo stesso numero di modello (A1932) e numero EMC (3184). Questo modello ha uno schermo True Tone e una batteria leggermente revisionata.

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Why my MacBook display sometimes works?

I bought this MacBook the last month with the faulty screen, the description said it was cracked and nonfunctioning.

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The display showed only backlight with adjustable brightness but no image, until these days.

The last week I was installing the new beta of Monterey (Beta 6) and when the installation was over I see that the screen was working, and showing only some lines in the middle but completely working. Then I took it, move it to my room downstairs and stopped working again, like 6 days passed until yesterday I decided to open it, I cleaned it but nothing, same thing, backlight but no image. Few hours after I just restarted the computer because I changed the language of the system and then again it was working fine.

Any ideas? I already tried SMC and PRAM reset with no luck.

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So I’m sure you’ve encountered having a loose light bulb in a ceiling fixture and people walking the the above floor causes the light to wink on and off as the connections are made and broken.

Now let’s look at your damaged display is just the same! Here its a ribbon cable which connects between the LCD panel and the T-CON board

Block Image

The damage is behind the front chin plate as you noted. Sadly, you can’t replace the cable all you can do is replace the full display assembly 13” MacBook Air Display Assembly - Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-12586

Here’s the guide: Sostituzione schermo MacBook Air 13" Retina Display 2019

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Thank you so much, the image and the comparison really helped me to understand! One last thing, is the MacBook Air 2018 display compatible with the 2019?


@cris26 - Yes and No! Will it work yes, but you loose TrueTone support which is the No.

The 2018, 19 & 20 displays are all different! Yet very similar!

The 2018 & 2019 are designed physically for the Butterfly keyboard , the 2020 is designed for the Scissor keyboard (Magic) which needs more space. The 2019 & 2020 both offer TrueTone support unlike the 2019.


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