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Ice not dispensing, replaced motor and control board, door opens?

Would be grateful if anyone can help solve this problem with side by side Whirlpool WSF26C2EXB01. Ice won’t dispense…it gets made fine and water dispenses but not ice (cubed or crushed). Replaced motor, replaced control board, activator pad opens dispenser door when opened but won’t turn motor on.

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Here’s the tech sheet for the refrigerator.

It shows how to get into the diagnostic mode and to initiate the ice dispense function (test #18)

It also shows the wiring path for the ice dispense motor from the ice maker through to the pcb shown as the Minotaur board in the wiring diagram.

Since you have replaced the control board and the motor check that the wiring between the board and the motor is OK. The motor’s two operate wires pass through 5 harness connectors to get to the pcb so the problem may be in finding where each connector is located and then checking the wires for continuity through the connector etc. The ice door motor wiring doesn’t pass through all the same harness connectors as the dispense motor.

I can’t zoom in far enough to make it clear enough to read but the diagram does have the wire colours for every wire which should help. My eyes aren’t what they once were, hopefully yours are better ;-)

The dispense motor connects to the two left most wires on the P3 connector on the pcb, but I can’t make out the terminal pin number so be aware that it may be only shown this way for drawing purposes.

See image below for wiring.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thanks so much, this will let me trace the wires and check continuity on them to the board. Do you know by chance if the motor spindle should be "very" hard to turn as both the old motor an the new replacement I got I can hardly turn the spindle with pliers?


@Dean Myers

I don't know.

Perhaps it is a very low geared motor as it has to turn an auger to cut through the ice in the tray and this may make it hard to turn manually but this is only what I think and not what I know.

using the tech sheet you should be able to check for voltage at the dispense motor when you test the dispense function.

If there is no voltage (I think that it is 120V AC so be safety aware if you test for it) start at the pcb first to make sure that it is there. If it is leaving the pcb OK but not at the motor then you will have to trace the wiring

If the voltage is at the motor and it is the correct value then perhaps there is something wrong with the motor. Although having two now with the same problem would be very coincidental.


@jayeff thanks will do. The tech sheet doesn't seem to match the pcb I have regarding pin layouts. Do you know where to get the tech sheet for pcb W10372206 Rev D?


@Dean Myers

That's the part number for the electronic dispenser control board.

Is there any other info on the board itself e.g. board number as opposed to part number?

I can't find a schematic for it using the part number, only replacement boards.

Just verifying that the dispenser operate wires are not pcb P3/ 8 grey (grey orange?) wire and P3/7 blue wire to pin 1 grey orange and pin 7 blue respectively on the ice dispenser motor?

I didn't scroll down far enough before on the tech sheet and the pin numbers and wire colours are easier to see on the lower less detailed schematic ;-(


Ok, so the board itself has this number on it. W10222961 Rev A and says Stealth Dual Pad. Also a sticker with W10236836.


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