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Un laptop due in uno, che funziona sia come laptop sia come tablet, girando lo schermo.

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default boot device missing or boot failed

Thanks. I tried the restart you mentioned with the side button and disconnected the main battery. Many times. It does not work. I googled and it seems disconnecting the cmos battery for a few minutes helps. That is why I wanted to try this.

How do I fix the error “default boot device missing or boot failed”?

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Try getting into BIOS and check if the HDD is being detected.


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This happened to me a bunch after I first got mine. I eventually sent it in to get it fixed, but for a long time I would just... wack my laptop against my knee, or otherwise hit it, until whatever was on the inside (the SSD, I suspect) wiggled back to where it needed to go. So long as I didn't bounce my laptop while it was on, it never bluescreened. Only after being transported in my backpack would that internal component get knocked loose again, only for me to beat the everliving crap out of it until it stuck back into its slot.

I think opening things up and taking a look at the SSD (even taking it out and putting it back in like we used to do with our GameBoys) would be worthwhile.

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