Kenwood Chef 902/904 Gear Box Disassembly

Our old Kenwood 902/904 (thats what the label says) has a slipping internal gear meaning almost no power gets through the drive chain to the mixer parts. It is very similar to the 701A as described on which includes a link with some 902 pictures but no explanations.

So I’m stuck with the top arm containing the gears part disassembled. I cannot work out how to cleanly remove the “large pulley” shown in the photo below. It is also clearly visible on the right hand side in the 2nd photo down on

Block Image

I’ve tried the obvious. The two side arms to the metal axis grip (in some models they called it a clutch - but this looks much simpler and easier) appear to simply have pins attached that pass though the plastic to provide traction and grip. It looks like a small axel in the middle. I’ve tried pulling it off with pliers but they simply slip off. I’ve tried gentle leavering with a screw driver underneath but it felt like the plastic would crack.

The underneath of the gear box at this point/position is blank.

It has two screws beneath it part holding the gear box together, there are at least 4 other screws. It is plastic and quite weak so I do not want to pull it too hard or bend it. Unfortunately the two holes in the top are offset from the screws underneath just far enough to make using a screw driver almost impossible. Again I’d rather see if anybody can advise me before trying too hard to feed a screw driver through because it will damage the phillips style screw heads.

Any help gratefully received.

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