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no Red Light while charging

Hi, I just bought a Go3 a few weeks ago, but by mistake my brother at some point put it to charge with a Samsung 15 watt fast charging charger, the speaker works perfect but apparently the red light when charging no longer lights up, everything else works perfect, even the white light is still on while in use. Although it may not be of much importance, but not having the red light does not allow me to know exactly when the battery is low (normally it blinked) or worse, even now I do not know when it is fully charged. So, what should I do? any idea, suggestion? or nothing to do and better buy another? thank you all

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After my problem arose, I decided to continue using my Go 3 and completely forget about the failure, then I recharged the battery using its original cable as always but this time connecting it to the USB port of my Mac mini 2011. The red light never ever returned until the today. "What I think is that ... probably when it was erroneously recharged using fast charging from a Samsung cell phone, the battery or charge manager was" out of calibration "(is what I think). several times with the "proper" load, the speaker recalibrated (if what I'm saying makes any sense). Thanks for your help. No need to open the speaker, I was afraid of damaging it.


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@hotdavesweet sounds like there are issues with either the battery or the power management IC. I would take a look that the board and check for obviously damaged components and at minimum replace the battery. Use something like this video to work on it. As always, if in doubt or unsure of what you are looking at, you can always post some good pictures and we will try to assist you.

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Thank you, I'll check inside. The video is for Clip 3, mine is Go 3


@hotdavesweet sorry about that. Use this one instead.


Thank u so much


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