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The HP Pavilion 14t is a line of laptop computers produced by HP under the Pavilion name.

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How do I fix my HP Laptop from white-screening on startup?

So a while after my laptop screen was being cleaned with alchohol spray (that was a bit wet), I turned on my laptop and it started having this weird glitching effect on start up which eventually transitioned to a full white screen and now every startup at this point has been a white screen, with the white screen having some sort of slight pulse before fully white-screening if left sleeping and then turned back on. The screen frame has some small gaps, something I didn't take note of until just after cleaning, so likely the spray must've seeped into the computer that way. This situation has happened once before, but the last time was fixed by waiting for a month or two (which to me is a painstakingly long time), and honestly at this point I can't wait another two months just to be able to use my laptop again. Can someone please tell me how to fix my computer from this predicament? Thanks in advance.

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Hi @ixluaxl ,

What is the full model number of the laptop as shown on the information label on the bottom of the case?

Do you get a normal screen at all as you said it happens on startup i.e. when just booting up, or it is there all the time once it has fully booted to the desktop?

If all the time connect an external monitor and check if the display on it is OK.

This is just to prove whether the problem is just with the LCD display or perhaps on the motherboard

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