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Il sesto smartphone di OnePlus e successore di OnePlus 5t. Rilasciato in Maggio 2018.

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phone not turning on, need the data recovered, how?


OnePlus phone won’t turn on. after taking it to the OnePlus service centre, they said they would have to flash it to fix as it could be a motherboard issue. Unfortunately, we had not taken any backup of the data, the phone has many childhood memories as photos and videos. we would like to recover the data somehow, either by fixing the phone without losing data or by just extracting the data. could you please let me know if it is possible through your tools and guides? if so how?

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Where are you based


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keerthi P  you cannot recover the data unless your phone starts up. We would need to know what exactly has happened to your phone and the exact model (OnePlus6?) That way we can try and find a solution for you and get your phone to at least start up.

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