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Model number: 20R1000RUS, Released in June 2019

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Replaced the screen.. I forgot to disconnect the battery.

I replaced my screen because of an annoying scratch (my fault) on the original one (followed the oem parts# supplied by Lenovo). After turning it on, nothing appeared on the panel, but the computer ran fine with an external monitor. Keyboard, trackpad, trackpoint, wifi and webcam all work

I tried plugging in my original scratched screen (which worked) and that doesn’t work now.

So I figure it’s the ribbon connector (I yanked too hard), and I even ordered the part from Encompass. Then I realized I forgot to unplug the battery! Assuming the replacement cable doesn’t work, how badly did I mess up? Is my screen nuked? Or did I trip some kind of fuse on the mainboard?

It’s a non-touch screen display btw. Not sure if that makes any difference.

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Taking into consideration you did not un-plug the battery (which you should not do :D), I guess you might have blown a filter or a capacitor of the mainboard which is responsible for creating image, You will have to inspect the board and check if you can find obvious burn marks, and check for short circuits using a multimeter and replace the shorted components if there are any or send it in to a micro soldering shop for inspection and repairs…

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