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A washer series by Maytag with a low rate of customer satisfaction and a high rate of failure. These washers have the model numbers MVWB300xxx or MVWX300xxx.

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Lint filter on maytag bravos washer top load.

I bought a floor model maytag bravos without a manual. How do I check lint filter because I have lint all over my clothes. I've used washing machine cleaners in it but it doesn't work.

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what is the model number?


also to my knowledge. ( im no master tech) but usually washers dont have lint traps. i know of course dryers do but ive never seen one in a washer machine.


MVWX500BW0 is the model number


Because there is no lint filter, my drain pipe overflows to the floor. The lint is clogging my drain pipe.



What is the model number of the washer?

Excessive lint could be caused by using too much detergent. Use the amount recommended by the washer manufacturer (see the owner manual) and not the detergent manufacturer, as they just want to sell detergent


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There is no mention of a lint filter, in the owner manual.

However there is a drain pump filter, part #14 Basket and tub parts diagram mentioned in the parts list, which is there to trap lint from being pumped out to the drain.

I don’t think that it is designed to be removed too often though. It doesn’t seem to be too user friendly trying to replace it as you will need to remove the basket etc to get to the filter. Also it is held in by screws.

Are you using a HE (high efficiency) laundry detergent in the machine?

The washer manufacturer recommends this type as according to what it says in the owner manual it produces the correct amount of suds required by this type of washer. It may be that other types of detergents produce too many suds and this is reflected in the wash as lint (suds not being properly rinsed from clothing). I know with my machine (different type) I use about 1/2 the recommended amount of detergent just to avoid this from happening. The other option was to add an extra rinse cycle in the wash but that is too wasteful of the water

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Mine is a Maytag mvwx500xw without an agitator and my clothes are all linty too! Help!



Your model has what is called a lint filter but it seems more like it traps lint before it is pumped out to the drain.

It may be that it is full and needs to be cleaned.

If you wish to replace it, the part # is WPW10215093. Search online using the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

The suppliers linked above were only to show where the filter is located and also what it looks like.


Mine is a Bravos XL MCT and I have always used the HE detergent and Affresh cleaner. I have lint residue issues as well.


Lint all over everything! They should really make it easier to clean that out. Oh, and by the way, we are definitely using the correct, laundry soap and not much of it.


Have the same washer with the same issue. anyone found a solution for this yet?


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I have a Maytag Bravos MVWB750WQ and just ran into an issue with it not completely pumping out. As I had to look up where the drain pump was, because I figured that had to be the issue, I discovered there is a filter, under the drum, directly connected to the drain pump but not removable with the drain pump.

Long story short, I discover a pair of my wife's panties half sticking out of the drain hole for the drain pump, and while it was way to late for the drain pump since it had been running for sometime without moving the water out, I managed to pull them out with quite a bit of force and a pair of pliers.

These panties seem to been half lodged in a filter I saw on a parts list for the drum for the same washer. It's not like a typical filter like you might imagine. From what I could tell through the dull clear plastic it looked like a series of plastic fins that alternated opening for water to pass. It didn't look like it was meant to filter lint, more like something more solid and/or larger to keep it from getting in the pump and jamming it up.

My thought for you people with lint problems with this machine is maybe you have some what the same problem I did. A pair of panties, a sock, something fairly flimsy has got caught in the same area and has acted like a lint trap. It hasn't reached the pump, yet, like mine did so it keeps releasing some of the lint it traps back into the wash. The circulating pump draws the water from the drum through the same area, so if something is stuck there acting as a trap, this is probably the culprit.

There are all kinds of youtube videos on how to tear these machines down, they are really fairly simple.

Good luck all.

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