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The Macintosh Powerbook 140 was an early Apple Laptop computer. It features a large power cable, battery, trackball instead of a trackpad, was one of the first Apple computers to use an internal floppy disk, and adjustable keyboard height. It was also the first laptop to feature a keyboard toward the back of the computer unit.

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PowerBook 145b Keyboard and Mouse not Working Shortly After Bootup

Hello there,

I have an old PowerBook 145b, when I boot it into System 7 it works fine until after a few seconds the keyboard and mouse stop working. So I can't click anywhere or type anything, but the trackball itself works fine as I can move the cursor around. The amount of type until it stops working varies: It will take ~5 seconds if I leave it sitting idle but if I use the mouse, continuously clicking as fast as I can I can get it to work for 30-45 seconds before it stops clicking and typing. I'm not sure if this is a hardware or software issue. Any ideas what's wrong?

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Deleting the network extension fixes the problem.

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