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GE Profile Refrigerator making revving sound.

Hello. I have a GE Profile PYE22KSKSS refrigerator and it has started to make a revving sound from the refrigerator compartment. It is intermittent but has been occurring for several days. It is worth noting that prior to this happening I noticed some food in the refrigerator that started to freeze. A separate post suggests this is normal “thawing” functionality but I cannot find any reference to this in the manual. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @scottie3535 ,

Ideally the food should never freeze in the refrigerator compartment so maybe there is a problem with the temperature sensor in the refrigerator.

The revving sound may be the evaporator fan in the refrigerator compartment going into high mode trying to cool things down more quickly. As to why this should be happening I don’t know

This is only a guess because your model has two evaporator units each with a fan, one in the freezer and the other in the refrigerator so the two compartments are independent of each other for cooling.

Here’s the tech data sheet- part #31-51932 for the refrigerator (I think it is anyway), found by searching for the part number as shown by this parts supplier. (part #999- dispenser door diagram)

This shows how to get into the diagnostic mode so that you can check if there are any error codes pertaining to the refrigerator and also test the sensors on the refrigerator.

FZ=refrigerator and FF= freezer

Hopefully a start

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