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This is the device page for the Samsung Galaxy J7. The OS that comes stock to the device is Android OS v5.1.

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Not Connecting to Mobile Network

This past week my phone stopped connecting to the mobile network. Cannot make calls or text.

I tried factory reset and that allowed me to call/text over WiFi for the first 2-5 minutes. Then text/calls all of sudden don’t work.

Have tried a few things but would welcome any feedback.

One thing I did do recently was had the screen replaced. However, calls/texts were working after the fix (and mobile network was connecting). Only last night did the phone permanently not connect to the mobile network. It was going in and out throughout the day and eventually no longer connected.

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Hi @zerausxela ,

Have you tried another network compatible SIM card in your phone or tried your SIM card in another network compatible phone to see if it worked OK?

Basically swap the SIM cards between two same network compatible phones and check what works where.

Have you tried starting the phone in safe mode and check if it works OK or not?

How long ago was the screen replaced? Most reputable repairers offer some sort of guarantee on their workmanship even if only 30 days (user abuse excepted of course) so if it was repaired professionally only a short time ago contact the repairer and ask them about the problem as it seems very coincidental

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Thank you jayeff for your feedback.

The SIM card works in another phone I have. For extra measure, the carrier also replaced the old SIM card yesterday but it did not solve the problem.

It also did not work in safe mode.

I do plan to contact the repairers this afternoon.

Thanks again.


Update: I took the phone to the repairers and they have been unable to identify the exact source of the issue. Oddly, they were able to get it to work with a SIM from a different carrier. They are suggesting there is a software issue.



Did they try a factory reset?


Be aware that a factory reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will restore the phone to its factory default condition (or last system updated condition).

If you want to try this BACKUP the phone to a computer BEFORE doing the RESET using the phone's backup feature (in Settings) and when you have done the backup, reset the phone using the factory restore feature (in Settings) or use this link.

If the phone has a Google account make sure that you know the user ID and password for the account as you will need to know it to access the phone once it has been reset (FRP lock)


Once the phone has been reset back to default check if it works OK.

If still not then it is a hardware problem

If it does then use the backup that you made earlier to restore the phone to what it was before you started by using the phone's restore feature (not factory restore so don't get confused)

Once the phone has been restored check that it still works OK.

If it does then the reset has resolved the problem


Thank you jayeff. Yes, a factory reset was tried and did not fix the problem.



Is the phone detecting the network and just not connecting or even not detecting any networks?

Does the WiFi work?


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Restart your device and check for signal bars. Change Wi-Fi Calling preferences to Cellular Preferred or Cellular Only to prevent Wi-Fi Calling issues from interfering with the signal. Turn off Wi-Fi to make sure you're using the T-Mobile network. Set the device Network mode to Auto.

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