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Mavic Mini supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos. A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures clear, ultra-smooth footage. The quadcopter weighs up to 250 grams. Model: MT1SS5.

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I was flying my drone when it hit a tree and it fell on a pool of water that had green things in it (maybe algae idk). We immediately took it out and removed the batteries. It seems it sat there for about 5 seconds. We dried it by shaking it and left it in the sun for some time. Then we used the dryer to dry everything inside. Then I found online that you should immerse it with alcohol to avoid corrosion. So I bought a 70% isopropyl alcohol as 99.99% wasn't available, and poured it over the drone before drying it again with the dryer. After that I left it in a bag of rice for about 24 hours. I tested it with the battery that was affected and it said battery error and also barometer fault or something. I switched the battery and everything worked fine this time. After I took it out, I notice seeing water inside (like small droplets) only to be surprised that they were hard. Now I don't know what to do.

Questions: Shall I take apart the drone to bettery dry it? Did corrosion already set in, was it right using the alcohol? Is 70% ok? Do I have to soak it in an alcoholic bath instead of just pouring alcohol in it? Was the rice a good move? What did those hard water mean? How long should I wait before flying it again? It seems like there was still water inside, what should I do? Do I take it off and redry it again?

Thnx to whoever answers this

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Jad the same problem today ?

With my dji mavic mini 2. Did the alcohol solution worked for you?


You did not dry it enough no alcohol needed even it good idea, alcohol is for deluting water inside and helping to dry faster, remember your battery have circuit boards inside as well and needed to be dry for a couple of days on the sun hot day in the shade or it will melt inside.

By the way great fix here


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Hi @justwannafix189 ,

You need to open it up and clean it again using the Isopropyl Alcohol.

Using 99%+ IPA is best because there are no additives which may be in some Isopropyl Alcohols having a lesser percentage of alcohol, but if you can’t get any then 70% is better than nothing. Also 99%+ IPA leaves no conductive residues once it has evaporated. Like nearly all liquids except distilled water it will also conduct electricity until it has evaporated away, so make sure that the battery is disconnected before cleaning

You need to gently brush away any corrosion using a soft brush moistened with the alcohol. It’s the brushing that removes the corrosion and the alcohol ensures that it is electrically “clean” afterwards. Brush gently as you don’t want to remove any components from the board. If you have an ultrasonic bath you could immerse the board in it in a solution of IPA and the cavitation bubbles produced in the bath by the ultrasonic pulses do the cleaning. You don’t want it to be too vigorous though ;-)

The device has to be dis-assembled so that all the components can be checked for moisture and corrosion. This means also removing any metal shields that may be covering some components as the water may have got in under the shield and also unplugging any cables so that the cable ends can be cleaned and also the connectors that they were plugged into.

Once you are satisfied that it is as clean as you can get it and that it has been all re-assembled properly then reconnect the battery and test if it all works.

Also using rice to fix the problem is a myth. It does nothing to fix the problems caused by corrosion.

Here’s a link that explains it better than I can Rice is for dinner, not repair

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Thnx for answering. The battery that was immersed doesn't seem to work anymore so I switched to another one. It flew fine, as if it never fell although I recognize slower gps signal and everytime I open it, it says rc signal lost. This disappears quickly though. However, many water droplets seemed to form inside the drone that was solid, SOLID. Don't know why but it was really hard and I can't remove it yet.

Considering all of these, should I open it up and clean it this time? What are the possible signs for corrosion (how do I know if it's corroded)? Is my drone highly at risk? Should I keep it grounded for time being?

Sorry for so many questions, I'm just uneasy rn.


*the little droplets were forming everywhere inside the electronics.



As i suggested you really need to thoroughly clean it again with the alcohol.

Do not keep trying to use it and remove the battery as soon as possible as it is not doing the electronics any good if there is still corrosion ,as corrosion can also conduct electricity where it shouldn't be going.

The link I provided has images that show what corrosion and water damage can look like


Dudee my mavic mini crash on water for 5minites bucause its too deep that we cant find it and when we find it it has green light on the back and instanlt fade and i forgot to unplug the battery because im confused and then the stator smoke i dont know if the board is hit is there any chance to survive it? Thanks dude im insanely confused rightnow is brandnew and used only for like 3 or 4 days help me man please


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DJI mavic mini water damage 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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